Uraanisiipi (Single Edit), cover by Ilja, 2023.
Lumottu tie single, cover by Ilja, 2022.

Ilja Karsikas (solo)

My second solo album “Uraanisiipi” will be released in spring 2023. It will be published by Panama-levyt. The album will be available in all streaming platforms as well as in LP and CD format, the CD with exclusive illustrated 56 paged fiction book.

Check out my singles “Puut”, “Lumottu tie” and “Yksisarvinen” in Spotify, YouTube or in other streaming platforms. The song “Yksisarvinen” (The Unicorn) is based on my picture book with the same title. Both came out in March 2022. 

My first solo album, children’s music record Sintti Silmusuu was based on "Sintti Silmusuu tahtoo oppia lukemaan" book and it was released in 2010.

Cover painting by Satu Rautiainen, 2021.

Cover illustration by Maria Sann, 2021.

Marian valinta

My side career as a self-made singer-songwriter begun round 1999 when I started my Marian valinta music project. Since that I’ve been playing in different bands and written folk pop songs.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of my adventures in musical history I re-released the essential selection of my old Marian valinta songs. The songs are available in Spotify and in the other streaming platforms.

The beautiful cover art for the re-issues are made by painter Satu Rautiainen, illustrator Maria Sann and graphic designer Laura Savioja. I designed all the other visual things and layouts. Remastered by master wizard Jarno Alho
I’m so greatful that you made this possible! Big hugs for all of you!

Hullu lintu, cover by Ilja Karsikas, 2020.

Jalokiviä, cover by Ilja Karsikas, 2021.

Vino puu

Vino puu is a band and an artist group where I work as an illustrator, musician and singer-songwriter. Vino puu songs are out and available in Spotify, YouTube, Tidal etc.