”Lumpeet” / A part of an art work “Findings” by Naapurit, Kajaani hospital, 2019–21.

Naapurit / Neighbours

Naapurit (Neighbours) is a Helsinki based artist group: graphic designer Jussi Karjalainen, illustrator Ilja Karsikas and product designer Willem Heeffer.

Naapurit has produced together a large public art project for the new hospital in Kajaani. The work is called “Löytöjä/Findings” and it consists of 21 different silk screen printed laser cutted birch plywood reliefs and signpost.

The work was commissioned by Kainua (alliance of Kainuun sote, Skanska and Sweco) and it was designed and produced by Naapurit in 2019–2021.

”Hirvi” / A part of an art work “Findings” by Naapurit, Kajaani hospital, 2019–21.

”Pesä” / A part of an art work “Findings” by Naapurit, Kajaani hospital, 2019–21.


Willem Heeffer with Helsinki Mobile, picture by Sami Parkkinen, 2021

Helsinki Mobile

Helsinki Mobile is a co-design with product designer Willem Heeffer. It consists of 24 laser cut birch plywood landmarks in Helsinki.

Helsinki Mobile is now available at: 

Made in Finland with a limited edition of 200.

The mobile is very tactile and moves freely with the slightest current, impressive from whatever angle you look at it. The mobile is approximately 140cm wide and 55cm high. Materials used are stainless steel rod and certified 1mm plywood. This playful object has an interesting mix of graphic design, architecture and product design.



Illustration for Kaivopuisto essay written by Antti Nylén

Essay was first published in Helsinki – the Yellow City anthology published by Napa Agency. In 2012 Kaivopuisto work was exhibited in Helsinki Central Railway Station as well as in Direktorenhaus gallery in Berlin. The exhibition work includes the essay, the illustration and the soundscape by Samae Koskinen. We also made the animated version of Kaivopuisto that you can find below and in Vimeo.

Kaivopuisto (animated version)

Ilja Karsikas, illustration.
Samae Koskinen, music.
Antti Nylén, text.
Jaakko Torvi, animation.
Matti Nives, translation for English version.

Special thanks to Napa Illustrations and Arts Council of Finland.
© Karsikas, Koskinen, Nylén, 2012