During my years as an illustrator I’ve specialized in children’s book illustrations. I’m really into telling stories with pictures and combining text, illustration and music. You can order some of my children’s books in S&S webshop.

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(Kustantamo S&S, 2024)

Sateenkaarikiitäjä” (Rainbow Moth) is a colorful feel-good story about the meaning of friendship and how important it is to know how to ask for help and forgive. The book is published by Kustantamo S&S.

Myrsky & Valo

(Kustantamo S&S, 2023)

Myrsky & Valo” (Storm & Light). Storm and Light are best friends and the most important people to each other. But in personality they are total opposites. Storm hungers for wild adventures, while Light traverses imaginary paths inside his head. Storm & Light is a tender story of friendship and love. The individual stories of the characters interlace, and big questions of love and human connection overlap with the adventure. The book is published by Kustantamo S&S


(Kustantamo S&S, 2022)

Yksisarvinen” (The Unicorn) book deals with complicated relationships in family. It’s a warm yet melancholic story about love and hunting of unreachable dreams. The book is published by Kustantamo S&S.

“Yksisarvinen” song deals with the same theme in parents point of view. The song is available in Spotify, SoundCloud, Youtube etc.

Rantakadun rappusilta

(Self-published, 2021)

Rantakadun rappusilta is a collection of short stories that takes place in 1950’s Hämeenlinna. The book is written by my mother Helena Karsikas, illustrated and designed by me.

Under månen / Kuun valossa

(Kustantamo S&S, 2020)

Illustration and graphic design for Aki-Pekka Sinikoski's debut children's book "Under månen / Kuun valossa" (Under the Moon). The book is published by Schildts & Söderströms (in Swedish) and Kustantamo S&S (in Finnish). The book is available in the book stores and in publishers' web store in Swedish / in Finnish.

Eino ja suuri possukysymys

(Otava, 2018)

Illustrations, cover design and layout for Antti Nylén's debut children's book "Eino ja suuri possukysymys" ("Eino and the Big Pig Question"). Published by Otava, 2018.

The book deals with the animal rights and the question of what (or who) we should not eat and why. I think it's a beautiful, funny and important book. The book is available for example in Suomalainen.

Amos ja sumupuu

(Etana Editions, 2017) 

Amos ja sumupuu
(Amos and the Fog-tree) picture book is a strong and sensitive story about Amos' and his grandad's and father's adventure in the mysterious Fog-tree. The book puts into words and pictures a child’s conflicting emotions when a parent falls ill with depression.

Sintti Silmusuu tahtoo oppia lukemaan

(Nemo, 2010)

Children's book Sintti Silmusuu tahtoo oppia lukemaan and Sintti Silmusuu children’s music album.

The book is written by Juho Gröndahl, designed and illustrated by Ilja Karsikas. Title typography is designed by Sami Kortemäki from Underware. Album is produced by Samae Koskinen. Music is composed by Ilja Karsikas. Lyrics are written by Ilja Karsikas and Sanna Karlstöm.
The book is sold out but you can find the music in Spotify and the cd in Levykauppa Äx.

Keksijä Punainen ja hatun varjo

(Tammi, 2009)

Children’s book written by Heimo Hatakka. Illustrated and designed by Ilja Karsikas. The book deals with the conflict between different world views and the question of how to build an enviroment that is good for all of us. It’s also a story of a warm longlasting friendship.


(Tammi, 2011)

Two books for little children, Anselmin eläimet (Anselmi's Animals) and Anselmin numerot (Anselmi's Numbers). Written, illustrated and designed by Ilja Karsikas. Publishing house Tammi 2011.