Photo by Rosa Särkkä, 2022.

Hi! Nice that you ended up here!

I am Ilja Karsikas – an illustrator, picture book author and musician. I’m living in Helsinki, Finland, working at Super 8 studio in Kallio.

I’ve been working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 2003 when I graduated from Lahti Institute of Design. During years I’ve done a lot of editorial and corporate illustrations, children’s book illustrations, book covers and music related illustrations. At the moment I’m working mostly with my children’s book projects and solo music. 

I’m still open for many kind of comisssions so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Ilja Karsikas
+358 50 5266 796
ilja [at]

As an illustrator I'm represented by
Napa Arts & Licensing Agency


Selected Clients

Finnish Post
Ruisrock festival
YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company
Kirkko Helsingissä (Church in Helsinki)
Helsinki University
Human Rights Centre in Finland
Finnish Transport Agency
National audit Office of Finland, VTV
Kustantamo S&S
Etana Editions
Universal Music Finland
Suomen Musiikki


Interviews / videos

Kulttuuricocktail Live TV show
YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company), January 2021.

Kierto / Alumni Interviews in YouTube 
Lahti Institute of Design / Museums of Lahti, August 2021.

Live music video in illustration exhibition  
Galleria Ratamo, Jyväskylä, Finland, February 2022.

Yksisarvinen book review in Helsingin Sanomat.


Works featured 

Ball Pit Mag (interview 2017)
Illustration 2: Drawings, character & more, Zeixs, 2012
Cause and Effect, Gestalten, 2012
3x3 Illustration Directory, 2013
3x3 Magazine’s professional Show annual, 2012
3x3 Children’s Book Show No.7, 2010
Illusive 3, Gestalten, 2009
Worldwide Graphic Design: Scandinavia, Zeixs, 2009



Uraanisiipi, self-published with Panama-levyt in April 2023
Album including music and illustrated short story.
Will be published in CD-BOOK, LP, CASSETTE and digital fromats.
(text, illustrations, design, music and lyrics Ilja Karsikas)

Myrsky & Valo, Kustantamo S&S 2023 
(text and illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

, Kustantamo S&S 2022
(text and illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

Rantakadun rappusilta
, self-published 2021
(text Helena Karsikas, illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

Under månen / Kuun valossa, Schildts & Söderströms / Kustantamo S&S 2020
(text Aki-Pekka Sinikoski, illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

Amos ja sumupuu, Etana Editions 2017
(text and illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

Anselmin eläimet & Anselmin numerot, Tammi 2011
(text and illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

Sintti Silmusuu tahtoo oppia lukemaan, Nemo 2010
(text Juho Gröhndahl, illustrations Ilja Karsikas)

Keksijä Punainen ja hatun varjo, Tammi 2009
(text Heimo Hatakka, illustrations Ilja Karsikas)


Ilja Karsikas – Illustrations from the book Yksisarvinen & for Vino puu band
Galleria Ratamo, Jyväskylä Finland
See the exhibition music video in YouTube.

Yksisarvinen – Book Illustrations
Espresso Edge, Helsinki, Finland

Pieni Satupiha, illustrations from the book Yksisarvinen 
Helsinki Book Fair, Finland

Mikkeli’s 12th Illustration Triennial,
Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland

27th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (Bibiana), Slovakia

Vino puu
Illustrations & music with the band / artist group Vino puu 
Galleria Kuvitus, Hämeentie 28, Helsinki, Finland

Power of Pictures, Tallinn 5th Illustration Triennial
Estonian National Library, Tallinn, Estonia

Illustrations from the book Amos ja sumupuu,
Kirjaverstas, Teurastamo, Helsinki, Finland

Illustrations from the book Amos ja sumupuu,
Bookstore Nide, Helsinki, Finland

Mikkeli’s 11th Illustration Triennial,
Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland

The Queen of the Woods,
posters and children's book illustrations.
Children's book store Toukka, Helsinki, Finland

Leo & Ilja Karsikas, paintings and illustrations
Sissilinna, Kajaani, Finland

Naapurit with Jussi Karjalainen,
Kajaani Art Museum, Kajaani, Finland

Mikkeli’s 10th Illustration Triennial,
Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland

Satukaupunki with Heimo Hatakka,
Laituri, Helsinki, Finland

Kaivopuisto with Samae Koskinen and Antti Nylén,
Helsinki railway station, Finland

Helsinki FRESH design and fashion exhibition,
Direktorenhaus, Berlin, Germany

Metka matka: The10th Anniversary of
The Finnish Association of Illustrators,
Päivälehden museo, Helsinki, Finland //
Pukstaavi, Sastamala, Finland

Mikkeli’s 9th Illustration Triennial,
Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland

Keksijä Punainen ja hatun varjo,
Napa Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Napa x Pekka, Kaapelitehdas,
Helsinki Design Week, Finland

Helsinki Biennale 2008, with Super8 Studio,
Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland

Napa Illustrations' exhibitions:
Illustrative 08, Zürich, Switzerland //
BingoShop, Barcelona, Spain //
B-gallery, Turku, Finland

Mikkeli’s 8th Illustration Triennial,
Mikkeli Art Museum, Mikkeli, Finland