Satamassa, 2006/2021, art Satu Rautiainen.
Aallot, 1999/2020, art Satu Rautiainen.

Marian valinta

My side career as a self-made singer-songwriter begun round 1999 when I started my Marian valinta music project. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of my adventures in musical history I decided to re-release the essential selection of my old Marian valinta songs.

The songs are available in Spotify and in the other streaming channels.

The beautiful cover art for the re-issues are made by painter Satu Rautiainen, illustrator Maria Sann and graphic designer Laura Savioja. I have made all the other visual things and layouts.

Remastered by master wizard Jarno Alho. The early Marian valinta tracks (like the song Aallot) I recorded and mixed with my father Leo Karsikas.

I’m so greatful that you made this possible!
Big hugs for all of you!

Maagiset kirjaimet, 2002/2020, cover art by Satu Rautiainen.

Kyyhky, 2004/2021, cover art by Maria Sann.

Kaunein unesi, 2005/2021, cover art by Maria Sann.